Climate change

emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero

2030 target:

Reduce 20% of ourGHG emissions intensity.

tenemos la responsabilidad de medir monitorear, reducir y mitigar nuestras emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.

See our Vulnerability Climate Change risk assessment here

From 2016, we masure, manage and publish our carbon footprint:

GHG Emissions

Emiciones de GEI

GHG emissions intensity

Intensidad de emisiones

Our carbon footprint

Our calculations include the operation of our properties, including all Business portfolios:

  • Retail.

  • Industrial.

  • Office.

  • Mixed use.

Our GHG emissions come from the following sources:

  • Consumption of Electricity.

  • Consumption of Diesel.

  • Consumption of Gas.

  • Consumption of Refrigerants.

  • Business Travel.

  • Employee commuting.

GHG emissions vary depending on factors such as:

  • Location.

  • Climate conditions

  • Building design.

  • Materials.

  • Segment.

  • Affluence.

  • Tenant practices and culture.

  • Energy sources.