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FUNO’s philosophy is one of absolute respect and fair treatment to all people and companies we collaborate with, including the communities we’re part of.

We believe in the implementation of the highest ethical standards in our business and operation. This philosophy is the cornerstone on which we have commited to create a world-class company.

FUNO is a Trust Fund, hence our Technical Committee is the equivalent to the Board of Directors.

Compliance & Fair Business Practices

Conducting our business in a fair and honest way has been the premise and the basis of our success. At FUNO, we vigorously compete, but always attentive to comply with all applicable legislation.

Our Code of Ethics & Anti-corruption Practices establishes:

  • We do not participate in any agreement that attempts to limit the free play of market forces in which we operate and we will not use illegal means to favor our position in such.

  • All of our employees must hold a professional attitude towards competitors and upkeep FUNO’s principles and values; always protecting the organization's reputation.

  • We avoid making comments or any declaration involving any competitors, but when needed, we will do it in a fair and objective way.

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Stakeholder’s Assembly

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The main goals of the stakeholder’s assembly are:

  • Choosing members of the Technical Committee per every 10% possession of circulating CBFIs.

  • Retiring and naming of the CBFI Common Representative.

  • Transactions that represent 20% or more of the trust's estate.

  • Giving an extension to deposit it and propose a reform to our Mexican Issuance Certificates.

  • Removing the consultant and F2 Services, S.C. without Destitution Conduct.

  • Reforming certain contractual provisions of the trust.

  • Ending trust’s contract.

  • Settling of our assets.

  • CBFIs cancellation on the National Exchange and delisting of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

  • Acquisition approval on real estate that represents 20% or more of the trust’s estate.

Board diversity policy

In 2022 the board committed to prioritise diversity and supports the recommendations of the FTSE Women Leaders Review (previously the Hampton-Alexander Review) on gender diversity and the Parker Review on ethnic diversity.  

FUNO commits to promote a diverse and inclusive membership on the Technical Committee (Our board of directors). The Policy sets out specific objectives with parity between male and female members of the Board being the ultimate goal in terms of gender diversity, with a commitment to have no less than 20% female representation on the Board and having at least one Director reflecting ethnic diversity, nationality, race, LGBT+, and other under-represented groups.  

The Diversity Policy also sets out the support for management’s actions to increase the proportion of senior leadership roles at FUNO, held by women and by people from minority backgrounds and other under-represented groups.

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