Ethics and anti corruption practices

andre El Mann

from our CEO

The experience and the sum of efforts have driven us to be the first and largest, sustainable value generator REIT in Mexico. Our Code of Ethics reflects the values that represent us, since our purpose is to always act with respect, integrity, passion, and creation of social value.

In this sense, the success that defines us is closely related to the fact that we act under the highest standards of integrity and professionalism; everyone is responsible for ensuring that their actions on behalf of FUNO comply with the law, as well as with our policies and guidelines.

By joining FUNO, our employees commit to adhere to practices that encourage respect, promote diversity and non-discrimination, prevent money laundering, protect privacy and confidential information, prevent conflicts of interest, create a responsible marketing model, care for the environment and protect human rights.

I am a spokesperson for the commitment to contribute positively to Mexico’s development and to transform the communities where we operate.

The initial phase of application of the Code of Ethics has resulted in 97% of employees receiving training, implementing an Ethical Line, linking ethical performance with the annual variable compensation and implementing sanctions that guarantee a quality competitive service committed to our tenants, CBFI holders, suppliers, authorities and employees

At FUNO we compete vigorously in compliance with all laws and transparency processes. In view of the industry’s evolution, our values - born and developed from the integration of efforts between managers, employees, suppliers and customers - continue to be the mainstay of our activities and the benchmark for our objectives. Likewise, we carry out work that includes prevention in cyber-security issues and in everything that strengthens protection and profitability of our tenants and CBFI holders.

André El Mann Chief Executive Officer

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