Nominating and compensation committee

60% Independent

Main duties:


Once a compensation proposal is received from the administration; the Nomination and Compensation Committee shall make recommendations and instruct the administration to complete or adjust the compensation proposal.


Allowing an objective perspective on the Compensations Plan.


Presenting to the CBFI Holders Assembly, demotion of TC Members, with the opinions of the Audit Committee.


Searching, analyzing and evaluating independent candidates for the TC.


Proposing to the CBFI Holders Assembly, candidates complying with all Trust deeds requirements as well as Mexican Securities Market law requirements for independent members.


Monitoring and controlling anything related to independent members and their potential conflict of interests.


Otras actividades que le asigne la Asamblea o el Comité Técnico.


Government of the Compensation Plan; which is validated and approved exclusively by independent members of the Committee:

  • Reviewing and approving goals and objectives for executive compensation, in accordance with the plan.
  • Evaluating teams’ performance against goals and objectives; approve their compensation.
  • Evaluating and approving any future compensation or reward plan.