Working Conditions

Jornadas laborales

We follow international labor standards, based on the ILO guidelines. Our employee's benefit from leisure time and working hours, allowing them to be productive based on their activities. Our working hour scheme varies depending on activities, however, all our employees have a minimum of 24-hour consecutive rest time for every 6 working days, and at least 60-minute rest for every 8 working hours (usually it goes beyond this time).

Before hiring, all our prospective employees are well informed on payment schemes and all employment benefits, as well as their working status which may be full-time, part-time, fixed-time contract or indeterminate contract; as well as direct contract with FUNO or through third parties.

Transparency and open information is another risk mitigation tool we constantly use; with this, we try to prevent and avoid any abuse and occupational risk. Hence our HR team endeavors to make sure all contracts are fully understood by the prospects and that such contracts have all required information in a clear manner, including: position, employee's benefits and payment schemes.