Our approach

We strive to remain leaders in our sector; this includes our ability to conduct our business in a sustainable manner. Our sustainability strategy focuses on material aspects and initiatives that will generate the most positive impact on our social and environmental surroundings.

Our materiality study allowed us to identify 6 action guidelines, which require strength within FUNO in all three aspects: Environmental, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance.

cuidar capital humano

Human Capital

cuidar etica


cuidar etica

Corporate Social Responsibility

cuidar ecoeficiencia energetica

Energy Eco Efficiency

cuidar emisiones


cuidar recursos hidricos

Water Stewardship

These will be our focus points in the upcoming years 2017-2020. However, we do look forward to working on all relevant issues identified in our materiality study.

FUNO’s sustainability has been strengthening and has become institutionalized hand by hand with the organization's development and growth. In 2016, we created our corporate sustainability department and became signatories of the United Nations Global Compact to support and promote best practices within the organization related to environment, human rights, labor practices and anti corruption.

As a result of our commitment to the UNGC, the above-mentioned action guidelines have also been aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, to which Mexico has commited and FUNO willingly contributes to their achievement.

Sustainable Development Goals Global Challenges FUNO Sustainability Goal Lines Of Action
consumo energia

Affordable and clean energy

cuidado hidrico

Clean water and sanitation

cuidado ambiental

Climate action


Responsible consumption and production

  • Climate change

  • Resource sarcity

Offer our clients eco efficient infrastructure solutions and options
cuidar ecoeficiencia energetica

Energy eco efficiency

cuidar emisiones


cuidar recursos hidricos

Water stewardship

crecimiento laboral

Decent Work And Economic Growth


Reducing inequalities

igualdad de genero

Alliances to achieve objectives

  • Poverty

  • Unemployment

  • Inequality

Positively impact the communities we work with upkeeping FUNO’s values
cuidar capital humano

Human Capital

cuidar ESR

Corporate Social Responsibility


Sustainable cities and communities

innovacion industrial

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

cuidado ambiental

Climate Action

  • Urbanization

  • Over exploitation

  • Global ethics

World class business with a business model based good global practices


cuidar ESR

Corporate social responsibility

Defining our sustainability strategy took several months, through this process we defined: What sustainability means for FUNO? Which are our key issues? What is the reference background? And all of the above, led to defining our 6 action guidelines.


What is sustainability at FUNO?

Being sustainable, for us, means working for better economic, social and environmental conditions; which allow us to operate in the long run and grow as an organization. Always doing so, with strong ethical principles, anti corruption guidelines and respecting Human Rights.


How do we identify relevant issues?

Materiality analysis 2016.


What is the reference background?

Our reference background reflects relevant issues for stakeholders.


What are the action guidelines?

Our 6 action guidelines are those relevant issues, which will lead our sustainability strategy and initiatives in the next few years.