Sustainable Infrastructure

Our estates are the core of our business, hence FUNO places special attention to sustainability characteristics throughout their life cycle, from development, design or acquisition; to their possible sell off or demolition, including maintenance and operation.

The phase of maintenance and operation is the most significant one in terms of environmental footprint and social impact, therefore it is this phase where we have focused our strategy to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as minimizing our GHG emissions and solid waste.

Developing infrastructure

Inmuebles en desarrollo - FUNO

FUNO has been a referent in Mexico for pioneering innovative and sustainable solutions for the Real Estate market. All properties developed by FUNO, and those we have acquired in their construction phase, hence the ones we can influence in their design and planning, are LEED certified or pre-certified by the USGBC. This certification recognizes leadership in environmental performance, including energy efficiency. It is a voluntary certification based on international renowned guidelines, aiming at recognizing high performance and sustainable infrastructure in 9 basic areas:

  • Integrative process.

  • Location and transportation.

  • Sustainable sites.

  • Water efficiency.

  • Energy and atmosphere.

  • Materials and resources.

  • Indoor environmental quality.

  • Innovation.

  • Regional priority.

Certification Progress

Intensidad hídrica

In 2023, 14% of our revenue was generated from certified properties under LEED, Edge, BOMA and WELL schemes.

In Mexico, certifying infrastructure under sustainable principles is a new practice which requires additional efforts and increased costs from developers which may not be appropriately compensated, due to lack of culture or information in the market. Nevertheless, FUNO keeps pushing these practices in the Mexican market and we ratify our commitment with best sustainability practices not only for new developments but also for existing infrastructure. Currently we are evaluating the possibility of certifying more properties in our portfolio.

Acquisition phase

When acquiring new estates, we have strict selection processes, which on top of revising fiscal, financial, legal and architectural requirements; include environmental and social aspects such as:

  • Transit impact studies.

  • Land use certifications.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments.

  • Generation and registration of hazardous waste.

  • Delivery-reception manifesto for hazardous wastes, issued by a competent party, for the transportation and final disposal of such wastes.

  • Delivery-reception manifesto for municipal waste.

  • Water supply services.

  • Discharge of wastewater mechanisms.

  • Environmental license for GHG emissions.

  • Existence or absence of polychlorinated biphenyls, asbestos.

  • Existence or absence of environmental fines.

  • Existence or absences of soil pollution.

  • Others.

In a similar way, during our due diligence process we make sure owners and property users have been consulted and / or compensated fairly. We conduct at least 3 inspections and site visits performed by independent parties to validate information and the situation of the properties.

FUNO additionally conducts internal and legal processes with third parties in order to make timely payments and fair compensations whenever we buy a new property.

Our processes do not discriminate if owners or property users are individuals, collectives, indigenous groups, women, etc.; FUNO respects the rights of its counterparts in all cases, at all times.

To date, FUNO has not acquired properties located inside of indigenous territories. However, we recognize that in Mexico there may be cases of deficient recognition of women and indigenous groups rights and land ownership, even though their practices and traditions acknowledge their ownership. FUNO is committed to consult, inform and collaborate with affected parties in case we ever want to acquire a property involving them.