In our properties

Compromiso de cuidar de colaboradores

We recognize our commitment to take care of our employees, our tenants, their guests and all of those who visit our properties. Hence, when it comes to civil protection, we not only comply with applicable regulations but we attempt to go beyond it. With state of the art health and safety equipment, adequate safety and traffic signs and training to our employees and subcontractors.

We have developed prevention guidelines, as well as emergency response protocols; applicable to all our properties. Our main health and safety initiatives in our properties are:

  • Response protocols in all our mixed use and retail properties for:

    • Medical emergencies.
    • Natural disasters.
    • Metheorological phenomena.
    • Fire.
    • Public disturbances and others.

  • Drills.

  • Evacuation plans.

  • Human Rights watch.

  • Trained safety personnel.

  • Insurance: employees, properties, third parties, etc.

Emergency protocols in our operations ensure adequate identification, as well as timely management of risk events.

Atención y respuesta a la emergencia






Routine inspections are performed regularly, visiting each site; such inspections are covered by FUNO’s employees including executives, operational and maintenance teams; in order to ensure the equipment is in optimal conditions and processes are being adequately followed.