Social Inclusion

Inclusión sicial

Due to the nature of our business, we continually contribute to community development and economic growth.

In many cases our estates make the part of infrastructure hubs, which bring sewage systems, water and electricity grids to surrounding communities, as well as other municipal services. These changes bring about other local businesses and stimulate the economy while generating financial gains to societies.

FUNO’s shopping malls are open social spaces and commercial hubs, but also play the part of recreational areas which entice guests into cultural, philanthropic and educational initiatives.

We continuously invest in our shopping malls to enhance their market standing and to improve guests' experience, but also because we are convinced they have become centers for social cohesion and family recreation.

One of our priorities is to provide infrastructure in order to promote social inclusion for everyone, constantly we strive for new ways to accommodate when necessary, our properties accessibility in order to be comfortable for any community member, regardless of age, or physical circumstances.

Inclusión sicial para todos