Carefully selecting materials and inputs is key to managing and operating sustainable infrastructure.

In each of our LEED certified buildings, we comply with all requirements:

  • Sourced, recovered and manufactured within 500 miles of the site.
  • Including the highest possible percentage of recycled material.
  • We strive to include certified wood, coming from sustainably managed forests in Mexico.
  • Use of non-toxic compounds, volatile organic compounds and avoid hazardous chemicals which may negatively affect our tenants and their guests.

In case of remodeling or relevant alterations to any of our shopping malls, FUNO promotes locally sourced materials (currently around 80% of our materials come from local sources). This is a significant initiative to reduce costs for FUNO, but also to positively impact local communities.

We also include ecoefficient requirements when sourcing technologies, always trying to minimize our consumption and the impact of our operations. Furthermore, we include weather and climatic stipulations when sourcing materials, such as resistance to natural phenomena, corrosiveness, humidity, durability, easiness of maintenance, etc.