The Sustainability Committee is the ultimate responsible for the implementation of our ESG strategy, it meets every two months and reviews progress of our goals, as well as current and upcoming ESG risks. It is directly accountable to the CEO and Deputy CEO.

Our Sustainability committee is:

  • Chaired by our Administration and IT Vice President

  • Investor Relations Vice President

  • Legal Vice President

  • All Property Directors (RUPs)

  • Finance Director

  • Human Capital Director

  • Sustainability Director

  • Facilities Directors

  • Procurement Manager

  • Guests as relevant depending on issue

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Our ESG initiatives are audited every 6 months, once to our internal auditors which report findings and risks to the Audit Committee and once to the external auditor which reviews our performance and results reported on the Annual Integrated Report.

If findings are relevant, the Audit Committee escalates them to the Technical Committee which can also communicate concerts to our CBFI Holder’s Assembly.

Our Sustainability Committee also receives relevant training on CSR practices, including diversity, property accessibility, environmental best practices, health and safety regulatory changes, etc.


FUNO has an annual variable compensation component in its remuneration policies. Such variable compensation includes evaluation on ESG performance indicators depending on the role; for example:


All our property managers and property directors have Energy, Water and Health and Safety indicators included in their monthly performance review.

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Our Vice President of operations also has energy and water indicators linked to its performance.


Our Vice President of Administration and IT performance review also includes indicators on cybersecurity and information security.


ESG overall performance is directly linked to the variable compensation of our Investor Relations VP as well as the entire ESG team.


100% of our employee’s variable compensation can be affected in case of breaching the Code of Ethics and termination of their contracts is also possible.

We report to:

We report under the following guidelines:

the global compact | 2016
objetivos de desarrollo sostenible
down jones sustainability & vigeoeiries | 2017
objetivos de desarrollo sostenible
FTSE4Good & CPD & equator principles | 2018
objetivos de desarrollo sostenible
bolsa institucional de valores & GRESB | 2019
objetivos de desarrollo sostenible
great place to work & ESG & principles for responsible investment | 2020
objetivos de desarrollo sostenible
ESR | 2021

In 2019, AMEFIBRA (Asociación Mexicana de FIBRAS) created its Sustainability Committee with the aim to promote best ESG practices in Mexico. FUNO’s sustainability director chairs the AMEFIBRA Sustainability Committee.