Protection of your personal data is very important for Banco Actinver, S.A. Institución de Banca Múltiple, Actinver Finance Group, which acts solely and exclusively as the trustee of trust 1401 or Fibra Uno Trust, hence the creation of this PRIVACY NOTICE favors compliance of PERSONAL DATA HELD BY PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS PROTECTION ACT, which objective is to inform the kind of personal data we collect, how we use, manage, and benefit from this information and whom it is shared with.

Who is responsible?

Personal, Financial and Proprietary Data asked from you, including sensitive information, that currently or in the future participate on our databases, will be used by: Fideicomiso Fibra Uno, subsidiaries and/or third-parties who, by nature of their activities or functions, have the necessity to use that data (in conjunction of “Users”) to comply with obligations that are result of the existing legal relationship between you as a holder of the personal data and the users, with registered office in Antonio Dovalí Jaime 70, Tower B, 11th floor, Zedec Santa Fe, CDMX, 01219 Mexico City.

Fideicomiso Fibra Uno is able to transfer personal data that participates on their databases to any subsidiaries or even third-parties, local or foreign, unless right holders express explicitly the opposition, in terms of the provision on the Personal Data Held By Private Individuals Protection Act (the “Law”).

What Personal, Financial and Proprietary Data do we collect from you?

As tenant, client, contributor, service provider or vendor; we can ask for personal information, varying according to the situation, related to:

  • Name, address and birth date.

  • Email and phone number.

  • Proprietary information, such as bank accounts, credits, movable and immovable goods, assets and liabilities, among others.

  • Information related to marital status, partner inheritors, legatees and transferees.

  • Official documentation to certify your identity and declared information, uncertified print or digital copy of voter ID card, passport, temporary or permanent residence card or legal depiction of holder when applicable (uncertified print or digital copy of simple proxy letter with holder’s and trustee’s signature with their corresponding ID - voter ID card, passport, temporary or permanent residence card).

  • Tax Number (RFC) and Unique Code of Population Registration (CURP)

  • Related information to the existing legal relationship between you as rights’ holder and the users.

For what purposes is data being used?

Fideicomiso Fibra Uno gathers and uses your personal data to:

  • Confirm your identity.

  • Understand and cater your commercial nature needs.

  • Grant legal protection and conviction to celebrated acts and deeds, such as translational operations on possession related to trades, promissory contracts, rental contracts, service-providing contracts and/or any necessary documents related to the purpose for their outreach to Fideicomiso Fibra Uno.

  • Celebrate or evaluate the possibility of celebrating commercial or financing operations, in accordance with Fideicomiso Fibra Uno’s purposes with third-parties.

  • Archive log files and record contract relationship to follow-up on future services.

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements.

  • Validate given information.

  • Ensure compliance of provisions related to current and applicable legislation. We can also process your personal data with secondary purposes which are listed below. In case you do not consent to any of those, it will be necessary for you to mark it with an “X” and send it in physical format to our address or send an email to, on that purpose:

  • Know your consumption habits, likings and preferences with the purpose of offering products the meet those;

  • Send promotions, advertisements and discount coupons of our products, and products of companies we have a corporate relationship with;

  • Create marketing, market segmentation and statistical studies; and

  • Invite you to participate in contests, sweepstakes and social media activities. We inform you that you can express the rejection of your personal data processing in a range of 5 labor days after having read the present Privacy Notice. You can manifest your right of withdrawal through the next email address:

We shall refrain from selling, renting or leasing your personal data. We inform we can transfer your information with local and foreign third-parties whom celebrate or pretend to celebrate commercial or financing operations with Fideicomiso Fibra Uno to fulfill their purposes; national and international companies, within the same group and subsidiaries, affiliates, members, controlled by or controlling Fideicomiso Fibra Uno, including companies supporting us to develop marketing market segmentation and statistic studies; to send recommendations, deals and offers of our products.

Accordingly, those people do not have the power to use information given by Fideicomiso Fibra Uno in any other way than the one established in this Privacy Notice. These personal data transferences will be performed with all the appropriate safety measures, in conformity with the principles within the Personal Data Held By Private Individuals Protection Act , its regulations and overall guidelines of the Privacy Notice (hereinafter and jointly, the “Law”).

Your personal data will be held in accordance with legality principles, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in terms of the Legislation. Confidentiality of your personal data shall be maintained by establishing and maintaining in an effective way the managing, technical and physical security measures to avoid its damage, loss, disruption, destruction and/or improper use, access or disclosure

If a security breach occurs in any stage of the processing of your personal information, Fideicomiso Fibra Uno shall report it to the general public, through the following website: for you to take proper measures in order to maintain your rights.

How can you limit or deny the use or disclosure of your personal data?

You can limit or deny the use and disclosure of your personal information through the next channels we have developed:

  • Presenting a personal request by letter to our headquarters addressing Privacidad Fideicomiso Fibra Uno.

  • Sending an email to the next address:

How to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the processing of your personal data?

The exercise of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition rights or the withdrawal of consent, shall have effect by presenting a request acknowledging titularity or power of representation, written and sent to our headquarters addressed to the person or department of Privacidad del Fideicomiso Fibra Uno, or via email to, understanding that once enshrined in a convention, contract, purchase order, etc. you will not be able to pursue over these any of the referred rights, only having that ability regarding those within the company’s database.

The liable will inform the rights holder, in a maximum period of 20 labor days starting when the access, rectification, cancelation, opposition, limitation or withdrawal request has been received, the adopted determination, if resulting applicable, to be effective within the next fifteen labor days after the date the answer is given. Because requests are on personal data access, deliverance will happen after the identity of the requester or their legal guarding is confirmed, depending on the case.

Previously mentioned periods could be extended for the same time range once, if the circumstances justify such extension.

How to recognize modification of this Privacy Notice?

The present Privacy Notice is subject to modifications, alterations and updates; hence we are committed to inform you of such changes through any of these channels:

  • Our website

  • Notification via email.

  • On the first approach we have with you after the modifications.

How to contact us?

If you have any doubts on the present PRivacy Notice, you can refer it to:

Furthermore, we display copies of this Privacy Notice at your entire availability on our headquarters and on our website

Whom can you present complaints and allegations on improper processing of your personal data?

In case after exercising your ARCO rights, known as the ones every person can exert, in relationship with the processing of your personal data. Each letter represents a type of right and are known commonly as such. These rights are: Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition before Fideicomiso Fibra Uno by means of established mechanisms on this Privacy Notice, you consider the given answer has been unsatisfying or incomplete; or you presumpt that your personal data protection right have been harmed by any conduct or action performed by us; or have evidence of improper personal data processing that violates established dispositions on the Personal Data Held By Private Individuals Protection Act, you can fill a complaint or corresponding report before the IFAI. For more information visit:

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