Diversity and Inclusion


We provide equal opportunities to our employees; from the time of hiring to salary ranges, training, development, promotions and other employment conditions.

Our workforce represents the communities where we operate. All municipalities where we belong present high ethnic diversities. Our hiring processes promote local hiring in order to have employees with knowledge of local sensitivities and the needs of our guests; this makes our composition a reflection of Mexico´s diversities.

To avoid sensitivities, we do not ask on ethnical or race background; this has allowed us to create working spaces free of discrimination and where Human Rights are respected.

We strive to provide safe and healthy places free of discrimination. Our Code of Ethics, policies and organizational culture aim at guaranteeing inclusion and equality regardless of gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, race, color, beliefs, language, opinions, sexual orientation, civil status, health status or political beliefs.

  # < 30 YEARS 30 a 50 YEARS > 50 YEARS # < 30 YEARS 30 a 50 YEARS > 50 YEARS
Men 101 10 75 16 367 107 215 45
Women 75 27 45 3 93 35 58 0

Fair treament

At FUNO, we are conscious that mobbing is an imminent risk that is presented in different ways, whether it is physical, verbal, sexual or psychological. To prevent those behaviors, the company released in 2016 its Code of Ethics, which is applicable to all of our collaborators and affiliates. Alongside, we introduced our ethical line, which helped us create a new and better communication channel to receive complaints, suggestions and information of any kind of abuse; with this, a campaign was launched to bring awareness of this whistleblowing mechanism and invite everyone to use it and report any kind of incident.

Collaborators have also received training on our Code of Ethics.