Our Commitment towards society

Inherently, FUNO is an organization which drives Community development; it is the core of our business and our reason for being. The nature of our business allows us to create economic hubs, driving and propelling regional and local economies.

FUNO’s economic impact on communities go way beyond our supply chain, benefits and compensations, job creation and human capital development. Our shopping malls, office buildings and industrial parks draw businesses and organizations of all sizes and sectors, creating a spillover effect on jobs and cash flow in the area.

At all times, FUNO and its employees conduct themselves with ethics and responsibility, always respecting Human Rights and upkeeping safe and free of discrimination zones. Our shopping malls in many cases are more than recreational areas, because they also play the part of social cohesion spaces for cultural, educational and social awareness initiatives.

We continuously collaborate with NGOs and Civil Society, with academia and government institutions so that through their presence in our shopping malls they can communicate and create social awareness for all these values in the communities we operate in.

As part of our interest in developing communities and the real estate sector in Mexico, we have also become active members of relevant institutions, some of them are:

  • The Mexican Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (FIBRAS for their acronym in Spanish) – Gonzalo Robina, our Deputy Chief Executive Officer, is President.

  • International Council of Shopping Centers – many of our executives are active members and common speakers.

  • Endeavour Mexico – Alfonso Arceo, our Chief Operating Manager is mentor in this Association.

  • Universities – many of our executives teach in Academic institutions such as ITAM, Universidad Iberoamericana, ITESM and Universidad Anahuac.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations - many of our executives are active members of NGOs such as Christel House México, Unicef, Médicos Sin Fronteras, Un kilo de ayuda, etc.