Conflict of interest resolution mechanisms

Related-Party Transactions

mecanismo de  resolucion de conflictos de interes

A related-party transaction is presented to the Practices Committee.


100% independent Practices Committee, analyzes the related-party acquisition.


A mandatory fairness opinion and independent appraisal are required before the Practices Committee issues an opinion and recommends the transaction.


The Practices Committee, based on its analysis, issues an opinion and a recommendation to the Technical Committee about the related-party acquisition.


For the acquisition to be completed:

  • Approval by the majority of the Technical Committee and
  • The favorable vote by the majority of Independent Members of the Technical Committee are needed.

If either of these requirements are not met, the acquisition is discarded.

Commitments and Related-Party Agreement


Whenever the controlling families sell a Real Estate asset, FUNO has the first right to buy it.


Whenever the controlling families wish to acquire an asset, it must be first offered to FUNO.


There is a commitment from the controlling families to transfer all their Real Estate1 for lease to FUNO.

1 Excludes residential and non-leased real estate.