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FUNO provides its employees with a safe place to work; we take all appropriate precautionary measures in accordance with the law to minimize risks and avoid danger in our operations. We upkeep the best possible conditions, including temperature automatization, air quality, ventilation and lighting, as well as appropriate cleaning and sanitary spaces for all employees.

The right to health is one Human Right we highly value and respect at FUNO and our commitment to take care of those who work for us goes beyond national regulations. According to the Mexican Statistics Institute (INEGI), only 39% of Mexicans enjoy public health care services; at FUNO 100% of our employees either direct or subcontracted are affiliated to Mexican Public health care. Similarly, only 3.3 % of Mexicans enjoy private health care; at FUNO we offer this benefit to 100% of directly hired employees.

All our employees are trained to perform their duties; particularly those in operational activities are provided with an emergency manual which allows them to quickly respond to emergencies, from natural disasters to safety breaches which may affect our properties.

At large we tend to avoid exposing our employees to toxic and chemical substances or dangerous processes which may put their health at risk. However, in some cases such as maintenance or precautionary activities where it is impossible to avoid handling such substances, we provide adequate equipment and training for their activities. Our maintenance department is the one responsible group-wide to inform our operative team on new available technologies or scientific advances, which may benefit or reduce risks in our operations.

To date we have not had any fatality, either in our operations or related to our operations.

Health Campaigns
2015 77 61
2016 31 37
Breast cancer exam 24
Prostatic cancer exam 8
Doppler duplex exam 28
Supplementary optical exam 40

Each year, FUNO performs a health circuit through which we aim at creating awareness and promote well-being amongst our employees; this health circuits inform them on their health status and consists of several phases:



Phase I: Communication campaign

These phases attempt and promote awareness to engage our employees to get involved and voluntarily participate in the circuit. During these periods, tips and relevant information are sent on possible diseases, causes and health risks, originating from our activities.


Phase II: Check Ups to identify health risks

Check ups include:

  • Blood chemistry:

    • Glucose.
    • Cholesterol.
    • Triglicerides.

  • Physical check up

    • Weight.
    • Measurements.
    • BMI.
    • Waist-Hip Index.
    • % body fat.
    • % water.
    • % muscle.

  • Somatometry

    • Heart rate.
    • Breathing frequency.
    • Oxygen concentration.
    • Body temperature.
    • Blood preassure.


Phase III: Commit to Action

The Health circuit consists of one day activities where all participants get to know their general health status and are trained on skills to improve their personal care and health; including nutrition, stress management and self-esteem.


Phase IV: Define your health goals and change

Through specific training and specialized mentoring, each participant worked on creating recommendations and establishing goals to promote individual health and consequently organizational health.


Phase V: Develop Skills and change habits

In order to promote active participation and full understanding of all the information provided, a few workshops and training are given to allow participants to develop skills to improve particular needs such as stress management, personal nutrition, calorie intake, sugar intake, etc.

With it we focus not only on determining current health status but also in preventing possible diseases which may appear.


PHASE VI: Results

Each participant receives their own risk map. FUNO’s risks map is as follows:

problemas del corazón

Heart problemas




Metabolic syndrome

Possible cancer (different types)


What affects our well-being?

circunferencia abdominal

Waist circumference above average.


High % of fat levels.

indice de masa corporal

BMI above recommended standards.


High blood pressure.


actividad fisica

Most of us do not engage in physical activities.


Our health strenghts:


Normal glucose levels.


Normal triglycerides levels.


Normal cholesterol levels.


Most of us do not smoke.


Additionally, in order to promote physical health and sports amongst our employees:

  • We participate annually in a Soccer tournament, consisting of 28 matches for males and females.
  • In 2017, we also participated in Casa Almanza's Soccer Tournament as part of our social responsibility initiatives.
  • Finally, FUNO engages with tenant gymnasiums to provide our employees benefits or discounts for these services.