Compensation Plan

Our compensation plan considered the opinion and suggestion of external advisors, key stakeholders, CBFI holders and the Technical Committee. It was developed by a third independent party, with relevant expertise in the development of such plans.

Our compensation plan includes:

  • Duration: 10 years.
  • Plan Governance: A Nomination and Compensation Committee was established to govern the plan. Currently this NCC is 60% independent.
  • Every year, the administration will propose annual compensation to the Compensation Committee, this will analyze the proposal and give its recommendations to the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee will include such recommendations and if favorable, it will instruct the administration to implement it; the administration will then execute the instructions of the Technical Committee.
  • Size: it is limited to 162,950,664 CBFIs.
  • Encouraging and rewarding employee performance.
  • Strive to achieve talent retention.
  • Alignment of CBFI Holders interests with employee goals.

The parameters and objectives have been pre-established since the beginning in a clear, transparent and inclusive manner.

Additional Employee Benefits

Our employees, enjoy benefits superior to Mexican laws:

  • Extra holidays.

  • Grocery vouchers.

  • Weekly meal coupons.

  • Private health care insurance.

  • Annual medical checkups and health circuits.

Compensation Philosophy


Long-Term incentives


Competitive salary

Additional benefits

These three pillars, are intertwined with other criteria which are:



FUNO has developed internal tools, which are constantly revised to guarantee equal remuneration for equal positions regardless of personal preferences, gender, age, ethnia, etc. This tool allows us to identify in case any position is over or under its salary range.



Due to social, political and economic circumstances; it is a FUNO policy to not publish our employees remuneration; this way we circumvent risks or any other social issues which may arise.


Meri-based model

Bonuses or additional benefits are distributed based on performance and goals attained; likewise, we offer training courses depending on their needs, skills, aptitudes and duties.