Non discrimination

No discriminación

At FUNO we work constantly to create working spaces free of discrimination. Our Code of Ethics, our policies and our organizational culture seek to guarantee inclusion and equality regardless of gender, age, nationality, ethnics, race, color, religion, language, opinions, sexual orientation, civil status, health conditions, disabilities, or political preferences.

Some measures we have taken to achieve this and to avoid or reduce our risks to fall into discriminatory practices are:

  • Our Code of Ethics fully covers these issues; and all our employees receive training on it.

  • FUNO avoids discriminatory references to race, gender or age in its marketing and PR communications.

  • Every vacant position has a written profile, stating starting salary and required skills.

  • Questions to any candidate on civil status, family background or any similar information; are performed only for statistical purposes and do not influence candidates hiring opportunities.

  • We constantly perform communication, education and employee awareness on our whistleblowing mechanism, through which any employee, supplier and relevant stakeholders may submit any complaints.