FUNO’s competitive advantage relies on our solid and experienced Technical Committee. It represents an exceptional solid ground, with enough tenacity, experience and transparency to lead our organization into success.
Solid ground

Transparency and accountability are our Technical Committee’s main goal; in order to provide all required information for our Holders Assembly to make the right decisions in leading our organization.

Our Technical Committee composition is:

Name Member since
André El-Mann Arazi 2011
Max El-Mann Arazi 2011
Moisés El-Mann Arazi 2011
Jaime Kababie Sacal 2011
Abude Attié Dayán 2011
Isidoro Attié Laniado 2011
Elías Sacal Micha 2011
Rubén Goldberg Javkin* 2011
Herminio Alonso Blanco Mendoza* 2011
Ignacio Trigueros Legarreta* 2011
Antonio Franck Cabrera* 2016
Alberto Felipe Mulás Alonso* 2017

* Independent Members.

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